Anthropology - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The B.A. major in anthropology includes courses in the history of the discipline, museum studies, general anthropology, and in four subfields:

  1. Anthropological linguistics concentrates on human communication through language, the structure of languages, and the history of their development and interrelationship.
  2. Archaeology deals with the origins of culture, past societies around the world, and the study of their material remains.
  3. Bioanthropology emphasizes primate origins, evolution, and present day biological/genetic variation, adaptation of human populations, and disease.
  4. Social/cultural anthropology studies contemporary and historical cultures and societies of every scale around the world.

Anthropology is the interpretive, scientific, and comparative study of humankind. Anthropology is an excellent foundation for many careers. Employers hire anthropologists because they have strong communication skills and understand how to manage multicultural situations.

Employment opportunities related directly to anthropology include: archaeology companies, physical anthropology labs, museums and zoos, schools and universities, government agencies, and a growing number of private corporations.

Interdepartmental major option

You can also earn an interdepartmental major in anthropology and linguistics, offered in association with the Department of Linguistics. Read the major guide.

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