Anthropology/Linguistics - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The B.A. with an interdepartmental major in linguistics and anthropology is designed to lead students to develop their ability to reason critically about issues in the social sciences and the humanities, using a focus on language, culture, and the relationships between these domains as the core material. The major consists of a set of core courses that provides a basic foundation in sociocultural anthropology, linguistic analysis, and the relationship between language and culture. In concert with this core, each student selects either an African or American focus, with in-depth study of the languages and cultures of one of the two regions. The program also incorporates coursework that provides a historical perspective on language as well as an investigative perspective developed through a course in fieldwork. The program is aimed at guiding students to an integrated view of the cultural and linguistic communities of indigenous people in a particular area of the world, Africa, or America.

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