Costs & Insurance

Costs & Insurance

Exchange students pay tuition and fees at their home university, not to Indiana University. Visiting students will pay tuition and fees to IU. Students are responsible for their housing, meals, health insurance (or submit proof of insurance), books, and supplies. Additional fees include international student services, health center visits, and late drop/add fees.

Living costs per semester are between $7,500 and $9,000 for room and board, but this depends on choice of housing and personal habits.

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Estimated costs per semester

  • Room and Board: $6,250 USD
  • Health Insurance: $630-890 USD
  • Books and Supplies: $500 USD
  • Personal Expenses: $1,250 USD

For visa purposes, students must submit financial verification of approximately $7,500 for each anticipated exchange semester of study.

Exchange students and visiting students are required to purchase health insurance under the IU international student health insurance program, In some cases they may be able to secure a waiver of this requirement.

Visit the Office of International Services website for more information