Housing information

Exchange students and visiting students live on-campus and use a specific application for their housing. IU’s Residential Programs and Services (RPS) manages dormitories and apartment-style housing. In some cases, RPS will arrange for housing off campus.

IU has dormitories and apartment style housing available for you to live in. Dorm rooms vary, but some have public bathrooms and showers that are in locking stalls, and others have shared bathrooms that consist of a toilet, sink, and shower with a locking door. Some have air-conditioning, and others do not. There are single dorms (in which you will live alone) and double dorms (you will live with a roommate). The rooms vary in size, but are usually around 160 square feet. Prices vary widely, ranging from $5,300 to $8,300 per semester. You should apply for housing as soon as you receive your IU student ID number.

The Global Living Learning Community (GLLC) is a place for students with international backgrounds or career interests to live with other students of similar disciplines. The GLLC is in Read Hall, which is close to many of the main classroom buildings on campus (and serves campus-famous waffles on the first floor).