Act Creatively

Lead the creative charge.

In the College, we think of creativity as a hard skill. It’s the tool box you bring to a sticky situation, the idea that laughs “it can’t be done” out of the room. It’s the voice inside you that says, I see a different way. Creativity requires putting your whole self into the act. Thoughts and emotions. Knowledge and know-how. So, collect your wits and dare to be different. Your curiosity, cunning, and sense of play just might save the day.

Thought Provoker

Thinking logically takes you from the smallest steps to big transformations. In the College, you will expand your skills, assess your options, and problem-solve.

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Student spotlight: Tori Galloway

Tori Galloway developed her love for water and passion for conservation on the lakes of Northern Indiana, where she grew up. When she took a diving course at the Center for Underwater Science as a student at Indiana University Bloomington, she found a way to turn those interests into a career.

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