College of Arts + Sciences Staff

Table set-up and check-in begins at 12:30 PM

  • Please check-in at the central most check-in booth, near the balloon arch. Event staff will show you to your table.
  • Each table will have a 16x20 inch sign with the name of the assigned unit. Please leave these on your table at the close of the event.
  • The event will take place rain or shine, since festivities are under large tents.
  • IU’s wireless internet access is available in Dunn Meadow; however, electricity will not be available.
  • We anticipate students arriving as setup is finishing, and some will stay as late as 4:30 PM.
  • We encourage you to bring academic brochures, giveaways, and table displays to create a friendly, fair-like atmosphere. Bring materials that make your department or program stand out. Additionally, we recommend bringing paper weights to hold down loose paper items in the event of wind. 
  • While optional, we encourage you to offer a hands-on activity that engages and teaches about your discipline.

Questions or requests?

If you have specific requests for table placement or anything else, please notify Tanner Terrell at (812)-855-5321 or before Wednesday, July 26. We will do our best to accommodate you.

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