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ASURE Sciences lab descriptions

You will be asked to choose your top three labs on your application. Please take a moment to review the lab descriptions below.

BIOL-X 150 ASURE Biology Research Lab 1

What makes the fastest-reproducing organism on the planet so fast? Vibrio natriegens is able to reproduce in under eight minutes, and we know several targets within the genome that are linked to this incredible feat. Students in the ASURE Genome Engineering lab will systematically delete these genome targets and determine the effect these deletions have on various cellular phenotypes.

BIOL-X 150 ASURE Biology Research Lab 1

Parasitic species exploit the behavior of their host species to promote infection. One parasitic fly species that infects katydids recently expanded its geographic range and began to use a new host species, with up to 70% of male hosts being infected. Students in the ASURE Genetics and Behavior lab will use behavioral experiments and population genetics to determine what made this expansion possible and the potential evolutionary implications for both the parasite and the novel host.

BIOL-X 150 ASURE Biology Research Lab 1

How does resource abundance change the relationships between species? Certain soil bacteria have a mutually beneficial relationship with plants in which the bacteria fix nitrogen for use by the plant and the plant provides nutrients to the bacteria. But what happens when resource availability means that mutually beneficial relationship is no longer required? How do the bacteria and plants change? What lessons do changes have for the use of nitrogen- and phosphorous-rich fertilizers? Through both field- and lab-based experiments, students in the ASURE Field Ecology and Evolution lab will explore the influence of environmental factors on these complex interactions.

BIOL-X 150 ASURE Biology Research Lab 1

Antibiotic resistance is a growing global problem influencing how we deal with serious infectious diseases and how we employ the use of antibiotics medically and agriculturally. In the ASURE Bacteria, Antibiotics and Resistance lab, students will develop means of testing bacteria for antibiotic resistance and examine the underlying genetic and molecular mechanisms of resistance.

CHEM-X 150 ASURE Chemistry Research Lab 1

How can we protect crops from fungi that destroy millions of dollars of crops and threaten food security in many parts of the globe? The ASURE Drug Design for Plants lab will work with target enzymes from pathogenic fungi to identify candidate inhibitors and use chemical synthesis to evaluate and design improved fungicides.

EAS-E 190 The Evolving Earth

This research lab will give students hands-on experience in exploring how natural disasters and climate change impact different Earth systems. Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, students will research changes in the landscape, atmosphere, biosphere, or solid Earth in response to past, ongoing, or future natural disasters and climate change. Students will conduct research in one of four faculty-led cohorts which will explore different aspects of natural disasters and climate change.

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