Heraldic Banner

College tradition + enduring values

The College of Arts and Sciences’ heraldic banner represents the home of Indiana University’s 200-year-old liberal arts tradition, and the source of many of IU’s greatest discoveries, most innovative programs, and most accomplished faculty, students, and alumni.

Within the banner, three crimson arrows represent the Liberal Arts, comprised of Arts and Humanities, Social and Historical Sciences, and Natural and Mathematical Sciences. The cream and crimson symbolize our proud history as IU’s original and oldest academic community.

The five gold stars represent the foundational skills of a liberal arts education: Question Critically, Think Logically, Communicate Clearly, Act Creatively, Live Ethically.

Above the arrows, three globes represent the College’s schools: Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, The Media School, and the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture and Design. The globes’ golden rings and red cores reflect the schools’ embodiment of the liberal arts tradition and its enduring values, represented by the arrows and stars.

Just as the heraldic banner gives our students a standard to march under at Commencement, the College gives them standards with which to create successful and meaningful lives.