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Activate your activism.

Living ethically is more than a slogan. It requires us to focus on foundational questions about how we should live—both as individuals and in our communities. We encourage students to explore what it means to live ethically in the context of real-world issues. If you want to make a difference, mastering the principles of critical thinking and reasoning is a great place to start. In the College, you’ll learn to build a better argument to support your cause. Whether you are here to study history, change the course of it, or both, we’ll help empower and encourage you to succeed.

For Those Who Follow Us

As an ornithologist and biologist, Ellen Ketterson has spent her career studying the evolution, ecology, and migratory habits of birds. She’s one of the most preeminent scholars in her field, and can tell you in detail about a myriad of ecological and environmental changes that she’s witnessed right here in Indiana.

Ellen Ketterson earned all three of her degrees from IU, and since 1977 she’s been a faculty member in the College of Arts and Science’s Department of Biology. Ketterson also serves as the founding director of the College’s Environmental Resilience Institute (ERI). The ERI’s mission is to provide the people of Indiana with predictions about the nature of environmental change, how it will affect our state, and how communities can address those coming changes with anticipatory solutions. View video transcript.

Student spotlight: Addison Lively

When Addison Lively signed up for a sustainability class her freshman year, she didn't have any expectations beyond fulfilling an elective requirement. But it wasn't long before she discovered her passion for agriculture, sustainable food, and environmental issues.

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