Times will change. Skills are forever.

The College’s story began two centuries ago, but the skills, insights, and values of our liberal arts education have never been more relevant.

An education in the College focuses on five foundational skills: Question Critically, Think Logically, Communicate Clearly, Act Creatively, and Live Ethically. These skills are prized by employers in every field and are vital to a 21st-century career. You will rely on them throughout your life. And you will develop them here.

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Question Critically

The College is a place where you can ask big questions and imagine a better future. A place for pushing boundaries. For taking risks. Here, your curiosity knows no bounds.

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Think Logically

Thinking logically takes you from the smallest steps to big transformations. In the College, you will expand your skills, assess your options, and problem-solve.

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Communicate Clearly

Our students bring fresh ideas to bear on everything from age-old questions of meaning to late-breaking news. Here, you’ll learn to express your thoughts clearly and effectively.

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Act Creatively

We think of creativity as a hard skill. It’s the tool box you bring to a sticky situation, the idea that laughs “it can’t be done” out of the room. It’s the voice inside you that says, I see a different way.

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Live Ethically

Living ethically requires us to focus on foundational questions about how we should live—as individuals and in our communities. Whether you are here to study history or change its course, we will empower you to succeed.

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Alumni spotlight: 20 under 40

Our graduates have a lot in common. They're students of creative thinking — of breaking outside the straight and narrow. They're entrepreneurs, innovators, and game changers. Like, Elyssa, president and CEO of Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

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