Think Logically

Be the solution.

Our students learn how to create workable approaches in any situation. Step by step, they play to their strengths, calculate, collaborate, and move past obstacles. Thinking logically takes you from the smallest steps to big transformations. The College is the place where you will harness your skills, assess your options, and problem-solve.

Meet the makers

Ivy Siosi and Audim Culver (M.F.A. ’12, Photography) met, fell in love, and decided to build a woodworking business. While love often defies logic, building a successful business requires it. As owners of Siosi Design, Ivy and Audim solve unique problems every day, making custom furniture to meet the needs of their clients. They describe themselves as “partners in life, collaborators in design, and women who make + fabricate.”

Partners in business and life alike, Ivy Siosi and Audim Culver (M.F.A. ’12, Photography) are the co-owners of Siosi Design, a boutique furniture company based in Indiana. View video transcript.

Sciences + humanities in conversation

For newly minted college students, freshman year is a time of exploration – full of interesting classes, events, and people. For students in the Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Experience (ASURE), there is an additional sense of excitement.

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