Izabela Ziolkowska-Kenney

Eigenmann Building 815 (take the Administrative Elevator to the 8th floor)
Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Statistics

When to visit

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: e-mail or by SAS appointment


Please schedule an advising appointment in the Student Appointment Scheduler in One.IU through the Student Appointment Scheduler task.

My name is Izabela Marzena Ziolkowska-Kenney --but most Americans, especially bank tellers, prefer to call me Izabela Kenney. All the linguists out there will know that the -ska/ -ski ending is Polish. I was born over there, in the midst of the Communist Era, and raised and educated in a beautiful town called Wroclaw (another pronunciation challenge for language lovers!). I joined my American husband to live, study and work in the US, and have lived here for more than 20 years. My education background is as diverse as my name: I studied Slavic languages in Poland, and taught Russian in high school there and, later on, in Colorado, at UC Boulder. At Eastern Michigan University, I studied school guidance and counseling, which helped me to continue working with college students, as an academic advisor at Colorado for eight years. Over the years, while college advising as a profession has evolved, so has my overall work philosophy. Students can approach me with any question: you are welcome to e-mail me, call me or stop by during my office hours. If I don't know the answer, I will not stop until together we find the best and most efficient solution to any problem, or any aspiration. I like open and honest communication, and I protect the privacy of students and integrity of this great academic institution. I am proud to be part of IU Bloomington.