The Law of War

CJUS-X 395 — Summer 2021

Prague, Czech Republic at night
Prague, Czech Republic
Days and Times
May 15 – 24, 2021 (1 CR.)
Course Description

CJUS-X 395, The Law of War

This companion course to CJUS-P 493 will focus on specific World War II events and discuss the application of the law of armed conflict and legal and just war moral principles to key historic incidents. Focusing on the justice of war, we will discuss key topics such as the infringement of Czechoslovakia’s territorial integrity and political sovereignty, their occupation by Nazi Germany, the assassination attempt of the Butcher of Prague (Reinhard Heydrich) by the Czechoslovakian Special Forces, and Adolf Hitler’s reprisals. The course will have a lecture by faculty from Charles University in Prague; tours of the Military History Museum, the town of Lidice, and Olšany Cemetery; and discussions with officers of the Slovakian 5th Special Forces Regiment to provide an in-depth discussion of the assassination attempt and of the men who braved the mission.

Todd Burkhardt, Criminal Justice

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Spaces are still available. If you are interested in this program, please contact Prof. Burkhardt at

Course fee
Includes academic fees, housing, some meals, excursions, and health insurance. Student is responsible for flights, personal expenses, and vacation travel.

$1700 program fee and regular tuition.

Eligibility requirements
At least minimum 2.8 GPA. Required enrollment in CJUS-P 493

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