Self-Governance, Sustainability, and the Arts in Oaxaca, Mexico

CLLC-L 210/ANTH-A 208 — Summer 2021

two decorative and colorful wooden Spanish masks
Oaxaca, Mexico
Days and Times
May 9 – May 23, 2021
Course Description

Witness Mexico’s local and global arts scene, cultural diversity, archaeological heritage, and community-based political institutions in this course. You’ll attend a traditional vela, visit museums and markets, and float the canals of Mexico City while learning about the farm-to-table movement and water use in the city. Through these experiences, you’ll see the successes and challenges that Mexico’s rural and urban communities have had and will face with respect to self-governance, sustainability, and the arts.

Stacie King, Anthropology

Application deadline
November 10. Applications accepted after this date will be reviewed as space allows.

Course fee
Includes academic fees, housing, some meals, excursions, and health insurance. Student is responsible for flights, and personal expenses.

Approximately $1,600 and spring tuition.

Eligibility requirements
Must have spent one year at IU prior to travel and have a 3.0 GPA. Spanish skills are helpful, but not contingent for participation.

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