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Arts + Sciences Programs for International Research and Education (ASPIRE): Student exchange programs

Attend one of the College’s partner universities for a semester or academic year! Students selected to participate in College exchanges pay their regular IU tuition, receive a pre-departure orientation, meet with a College international programs advisor, take classes taught in English (with some exceptions) and find support through an advisor at the university while abroad.

Applications for Spring 2022 exchanges are now open! Please check deadlines carefully (September 1, 15, or 30).

Exchange information

For each exchange program, we have a limited number of spaces and may not be able to nominate all applicants to our partner institutions, so please be sure to present a thoughtful application.

The coronavirus pandemic may still affect travel plans, so all applicants must simultaneously make plans to remain at IU in case the exchange is cancelled. Because spots on these exchanges are limited, you may want to also apply for another study abroad program through the Office of Overseas Study. If you are accepted for both, you can choose later.

You will find fact sheets and other information on our exchange programs below. If you have questions or want to request a partner university’s fact sheet, you may reach us at

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Please note that some institutions operate on academic calendars that are not consistent with IU's, so plan accordingly.

Some courses at our partner universities are already approved for IU course equivalencies. The College can review all courses a student takes abroad to determine how they would be articulated as IU courses.


Yes. The College recruits for the following fall semester and academic year exchanges in January-March. Recruitment for spring semester is August-September.

Check the College Bulletin. Under All academic programs, select Degrees and Majors. If you are majoring in one of these disciplines, you are eligible.

IU has a passport acceptance facility on its Bloomington campus in the Poplars Building. The office can also assist with passport renewals and photos for passports and visas. You can also apply for a passport through most U.S. post offices.

Not as much as you might think, and exchanges can be an affordable way to go abroad. For instance, the estimated cost for room and board, books and incidentals, international airfare, and insurance at SKKU in South Korea is about $5,800. You pay IU tuition at your regular residency rate. A semester in Bloomington costs an estimated $8,825 on top of tuition (see MoneySmarts), so even with the airfare the cost can be comparable to or less than a semester in Bloomington.

Yes. Since you enroll at IUB (in a placeholder course), your tuition will show up on your bursar account and any scholarships, loans, or other assistance will be applied to that. Students who have aid that goes above the cost of tuition should arrange for direct deposit so that the overage may be used for housing and books, which are paid for at the partner campus.

Yes. The College’s Office of International Affairs makes travel grants available on a competitive basis. Please visit our Funding Opportunities webpage to find additional opportunities.

You will have the opportunity to take classes with highly qualified faculty, just as you do at IUB. At universities in many other countries, there is a greater emphasis on individual learning. While class attendance and participation are important, students are likely to find that the syllabus is not as detailed, grades are based on just one or two assignments or a final exam, and students are graded on a curve or there is less clarity on how a grade is assigned.

The academic calendar varies by institution. Frequently, however, the examination period for the fall semester takes place in January. If you are studying on exchange for the fall semester at a university that has a January exam period, you will need to look at courses that offer the option of an early assessment, i.e., assignments or exams that can be completed in December.

Student finalists will have interviews, about 20-30 minutes, with OIA staff. In most cases, these will be in person, but may take place by phone or Skype if necessary. In this meeting, OIA will talk with you about your goals for the exchange, any opportunities or potential obstacles, adjusting to life in a different culture, and specific academic objectives.

Upon selection for the exchange, you will need to take care of several administrative matters. You will need to apply to the host university, arrange housing, apply for a student visa, and purchase airline tickets. OIA will host a pre-departure orientation for all of its students going on an exchange. This orientation will be in person on the Bloomington campus, in December for spring exchange participants and April for fall exchange participants. This will be supplemented by preparation materials provided online.


You must:

  • Be pursuing a degree within the College of Arts and Sciences, including The Media School, Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, and the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design
  • Have completed a minimum of one year at IU prior to enrolling abroad, and not be in your final semester.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Have a passport by the time applications are due at the host institution, valid at least 6 months after the anticipated return date.
     [Note: A backlog of passport applications is leading to processing delays. Students who do not have a passport already may have difficulty getting one by October.]

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