Manchester University fact sheet

University of Manchester

Manchester, England

Spring Semester 2022

Application due to the College International Office by September 30, 2021

University: University of Manchester (UoM)

Student body: 40,250 (26,855 undergraduate)

International students at university: 11,545 (5,825 undergraduate)


Academic units:

The College’s agreement enables students to study in any academic discipline within the university. Faculties include:

  • Humanities
  • Science and Engineering
  • Biology, Medicine and Health

Specialist pathways are also available to exchange students. These pathways provide students with specific skills in a range of areas.

  • English Language Pathway
  • Pre-Law Pathway
  • Leadership and Service Pathway
  • Sustainability initiative

Course load: IU students are expected to take 15 credits (50/60 UoM credits)

Course catalog: course unit list and course search

Language of instruction: English

Grades + Transcripts: UoM uses a numeric grading system from 0-100%. The pass mark is 40%.

View the grading scale

At the student’s request, IU departments will review courses to determine how they will apply to your degree. Please note that IU does not accept Pass/Fail.

Academic calendar:

Spring semester: February 7 – June 12, 2022
Students will need to arrive in Manchester in advance of the semester start date, which will be provided upon acceptance.

Key academic dates:


Traveling to & living in England

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Student visa information: If necessary, students will apply for Tier 4 (General) student visa.

UoM will issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for an exchange student to apply for a visa.

Learn about immigration + travel

Air travel: Exchange students will be responsible for arranging and purchasing their own round-trip international airline tickets for dates appropriate for the term at the host university. Exchange students should only purchase tickets once UoM has confirmed the expected date of arrival. Students who are nominated for the exchange are eligible for a travel grant from College International.

Nearest international airport: Manchester Airport (MAN)

Housing: Students studying abroad at UoM for a year are guaranteed a room in university housing. Students coming for one semester only are not guaranteed a room, but under normal circumstances are usually allocated one. Applications for housing are available online after admission into the exchange program.

Information on the type and costs of accommodation: 

Pre-departure orientation: College International staff will provide an orientation near the end of the fall semester to help students prepare for their programs. Nominated students will also be invited to enroll in the one-credit “GLLC-G 291 Study Abroad: Before You Go” for the second eight weeks term.

Departure preparation + arrival details: UoM offers students an orientation program and an arrival guide that will help ease the transition for exchange students.

Estimated costs per semester:

  • Tuition: IU Tuition
  • Accomodation: $4,000
  • Food: $1,000
  • Books, transportation, and personal expenses: $1,500
  • OVST administrative fee: $238
  • Plus insurance, visa, airfare

Application information

Student eligibility requirements:

  • Must be pursuing a degree within the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Have completed a minimum of one year at IUB prior to enrolling abroad and not be in your last semester
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Have a passport by the time applications are due at the host university, valid at least 6 months after the anticipated return date

For this program, students must be nominated by the College International Office.

Due date for applications to College International:  September 30, 2021

Application process:

  • If you would like to apply for this exchange, please visit
  • Complete the application form and upload a statement of intent.
  • Send the recommendation form link to the person who will supply a reference for you. It must be submitted by the application deadline.
  • College International staff will conduct interviews with select students (semi-finalists) to determine their suitability and preparedness for the exchange. Students must come to the interview prepared with a list of prospective courses they might like to take abroad.
  • College International will nominate finalists to UoM. Upon acceptance, UoM will contact students to invite them to apply for admission. An academic transcript and copy of your passport will be required at this point.

Have questions?

Questions can be directed to the College International Office at

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