Mihir Tak

Tell us what brought you to Indiana University.

My cousin came to IU for graduate school, so I knew about the university. Only one other student from my high school class was coming to the U.S. for university, and I was debating between IU and another Big 10 school, but ended up here. It’s been the best decision of my life.

How did you choose to major in Apparel Merchandising?

I initially came to IU because of the Kelley School of Business. My parents wanted me to do Accounting, and in India, parents have a lot of say in their children’s education. After taking some of the business courses, though, I just couldn’t see that as my future.

During my freshman year, another Indian student suggested that I take an Intro to Apparel Merchandising course, and I loved it. I then went to the professor and talked to her about switching majors, then talked to my advisor, and did it.

I went home the summer after my freshman year and interned with Adidas in their marketing department. I was already going to switch my major, but after that I decided that I didn’t mind making less money if I enjoyed what I was doing. My parents were really supportive of my decision.