Arts + Humanities


The College is a thriving hub for creative activity where the arts come alive, personal expression is celebrated, and the power to act creatively extends far outside the classroom, ingrained into every aspect of one very vibrant campus life. From motion to emotion, function to form, whether written or spoken, front-and-center or behind-the scenes, there’s a program and pathway for every kind of creative pursuit in the College.


The humanities allow us to examine the different threads that make up our collective being and weave meaningful connections with the world around us. At the College, students learn to critically analyze the motivations, desires, and values of others and foster a deeper understanding of the human experience, both past and present, by investigating history, literature, languages, and cultures.

You should also explore the College’s schools for more pathways to study and celebrate the arts and humanities. Addtional programs are offered in the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, The Media School, and the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design.