Housing & Living-Learning Centers

Find a home that inspires & supports you

In the College of Arts and Sciences, you’ll learn and grow outside the classroom as well as inside. The College is home to three Living-Learning Centers: Atkins Living-Learning Center, Collins Living-Learning Center, and Global Living-Learning Community. Each of these communities has a unique spirit and culture, but all offer unprecedented opportunities for academic and social growth in warm and welcoming spaces.

What is a Living-Learning Center (LLC)?

A Living-Learning Center is a residential space designed to bring students interested in common goals together. In addition to being a residence hall, an LLC has funding, dedicated facilities, staff support, and distinct academic options. You must apply to live in an LLC.

Atkins Living-Learning Center

Image of artwork from the Atkins Living-Learning Center.
Image of students from the Atkins Living-Learning Center.
Students from the Atkins Living-Learning Center pose for photo while traveling.

Atkins LLC is devoted primarily to studying African American history and culture and developing a strong consciousness regarding social justice, inequality, inequity, and humanity. This community emphasizes civility and engagement with the goal of teaching students how to work together to achieve transformation in themselves and in society. Curious, motivated, and engaged students will find that Atkins LLC truly feels like home.

  • Emphasis is placed on learning by doing and engaging with peers and mentors to achieve academic excellence and leadership development.
  • The Atkins community believes in inclusivity to honor the humanity of all people.
  • Atkins students live in the Southeast neighborhood of campus in air-conditioned double rooms.

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Collins Living-Learning Center

Image of craft projects from the Collins Living-Learning Center.
Image of the Collins Living-Learning Center entrance, where a balloon rainbow can be seen.
Students from the Collins Living-Learning Center pose for a photo outside.

Collins LLC is known for its highly motivated students, many of whom have a passion for the arts, self-governance, and sustainability. Sometimes known as “IU’s Hogwarts,” a name inspired by its historic neo-gothic architecture, Collins is one of the most beautiful places on campus. You will grow, learn marketable skills, and find lifelong friends as a member of this vibrant community.

  • Students plan and teach courses and create their own programming with the support of the student-run Board of Educational Programming.
  • Students who are committed to working for a healthier planet can choose to live on the Sustainability Floor.
  • The LLC maintains creative and art-making spaces for ceramics, photography, digital arts and printmaking, to name a few.
  • Collins is located in the heart of the IU Bloomington campus, just steps from the Indiana Memorial Union.

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Global Living-Learning Community

Two members of the Global Learning-Living Center pose for a photo at the End of Year Gala.
Members of the Global Learning-Living Center pose for a photo at the Homecoming Parade.
Members of the Global Learning-Living Center pose for a photo in Chicago.

Students from the U.S. and around the world live at the Global Living-Learning Community (GLLC) and share their interests in cultures, languages, world affairs, and travel experiences. Students engage in activities that promote language proficiency, cultural understanding, and broader perspectives, while having fun and building skills. Students from any field of study are invited to join the GLLC and become global citizens.

  • Students often create and host programs focused on international issues, musical and theatre performances, workshops, and symposia.
  • GLLC students have access to a state-of-the-art communal kitchen, where they explore the world, "one dish at a time."
  • The GLLC is conveniently located in Read Hall, near the center of campus. Read has on-site laundry facilities, music practice rooms, quiet study rooms, computer labs, and more.

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Collins is a place where I can practice my leadership skills and feel empowered in a community that supports me. I have met so many kind, creative, and passionate people in my time at Collins. I have no doubt I will meet countless more before I leave. I am deeply grateful to have a place like Collins to call home.

Allison Neal, junior, double major in English and Media