The Academic Experience

Master the fundamentals

To gain the knowledge and skills that are essential to a well-rounded liberal arts education, all students in the College must fulfill certain College-wide degree requirements. These requirements, called College of Arts and Sciences Education (CASE) requirements, form the basis of your education in the College.

CASE requirements include courses in English composition, intensive writing, public oral communication, mathematical modeling, the arts and humanities, social and historical sciences, natural and mathematical sciences, and more. These courses provide a broad base of knowledge and skills upon which you’ll build the rest of your education.

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Meet your guides

The College’s 900+ faculty members will lead you on your academic journey, sharing the knowledge and experiences they’ve gained throughout their distinguished careers. In the College, faculty members teach courses at all levels, from introductory classes to graduate seminars. So whether you’re a freshman or a Ph.D. student, you’ll learn from renowned experts who are leaders in their fields—and who have an unmatched commitment to teaching and mentoring students.

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