New Student Orientation

New students: What you need to know

By majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences, you will have opportunities to explore, create, invent, and make a difference. You've already taken a few of the first steps on this journey by meeting with a College advisor and enrolling in your first semester at IU Bloomington.

Your advisor recommended courses based on your major, exploratory interests, placement exam scores, and college credit you may have already earned. In addition to the major courses suggested, your advisor may have also recommended general education (GenEd) courses and College of Arts and Sciences education (CASE) courses, with final selection up to you.

On the College's website, you can find a helpful Student Portal and a list of advisors. Other important updates will come to you through your official IU email address. Checking your email on a frequent and consistent basis will help you stay current with university-related communications.