College Ambassadors

Meet the College Ambassadors

College Ambassadors are high-achieving students who are passionate about their academic journeys and eager to share their stories with prospective students and families who want to learn more about the vast array of academic options and experiences available to them in the College. The ambassadors offer:

  • Answers to questions about campus life, culture, and how to best navigate the physical campus
  • Guidance on utilizing resources for College students
  • First-hand knowledge about undergraduate research programs
  • Advice about pursuing a graduate school track
  • Tips on finding the best student organizations for you
  • Recommendations for local spots in Bloomington 

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Become a College Ambassador

As a College Ambassador, you’ll share your IU College pride and build valuable leadership and professional skills as you work alongside the College’s professional recruitment team.

Interested in applying? Here are some things to consider:

College Ambassadors play a role in helping prospective students and their parents learn more about the College and IU. As a College Ambassador you might:

  • Participate in on- and off-campus recruiting events
  • Tell current and potential students and their families about the benefits of a liberal arts education
  • Participate in College social media campaigns and videos
  • Work on individual and group projects as assigned
  • Travel to official recruitment events

College Ambassadors have valuable opportunities to develop leadership and other professional skills that will serve them well in the world of work and in life. As a College Ambassador, you might be involved in:

  • Event planning and hosting
  • Professional networking
  • Public speaking and presentation
  • Collaboration and group work in a professional work setting

College Ambassadors will:

  • Have a flexible schedule
  • Attend orientation every academic year
  • Attend monthly group meetings
  • Attend multiple information sessions each semester
  • Attend specialty student panels as needed
  • Be available for one-on-one meetings with prospective students through phone calls, Zoom, or in person
  • Assist the College with marketing videos and campaigns
  • Meet with supervisors for check-ins once per semester or as needed

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