Advisory + Action Committee

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory & Action Committee (DIAAC)

Adam Dougherty

Adam Dougherty

Undergraduate Student, Journalism and Environment & Sustainability Studies

Colin R. Johnson

Associate Professor, Gender Studies; Adjunct Associate Professor, American Studies; Adjunct Associate Professor, History

Padraic Kenney

Padraic Kenney

Professor, History; Professor, International Studies; Director, Collins Living-Learning Center

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer C. Lee

Associate Professor, Sociology; Affiliate Faculty, Asian American Studies; Affiliate Faculty, Latino Studies; Affiliate Faculty, Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity

Kathy Shepley

Director, Human Resources, College of Arts and Sciences

Alberto Varon

Alberto Varon

Associate Professor, English; Associate Professor, Latino Studies; Affiliate Faculty, American Studies; Affiliate Faculty, Gender Studies; Associate Director, Latino Studies Program

Stacy Weida

Stacy C. Weida

Academic Advisor, Asian American Studies; Academic Advisor, College Exploratory; Academic Advisor, Liberal Studies