Where endless curiosity & creativity yield every form of success

The College of Arts and Sciences supports students who are ready to explore, create, invent, and make a difference.

We prepare well-rounded, inquisitive, and innovative graduates to better the world. Students in the College pursue their passions while developing the skills that employers want and rewarding careers demand. The result: a degree that can help make you “robot proof” in rapidly transforming job market.

A liberal arts education for the 21st century

The College’s roots stretch back nearly 200 years, but the skills, insights, and values of our liberal arts education have never been more relevant. A College education focuses on five foundational skills:

  • Question critically
  • Think logically
  • Communicate clearly
  • Act creatively
  • Live ethically

These skills are prized by employers of all kinds and are vital to a 21st-century career. You will rely on them throughout your life. And you will develop them here.