Course Scheduling

Account holds

A hold may be placed on your account for many reasons and can prevent you from registering for classes. You can view any holds on your account in the Student Center. Go to, search “holds,” and launch the Record Holds tile.

Avoid scheduling conflicts

Avoid scheduling conflicts by reading the class notes on the registration screen carefully. Some classes, like BIOL-L 112, require students to take exams in the evening (outside of the regular class time). If outside time requirements are listed in the class notes, you will need to leave that time open in your class schedule.

Avoid final exam conflicts

While scheduling your classes, you should check final exam dates to ensure that none of the exams in your chosen classes will conflict. You can see final exam schedules here for select semesters, or go to, search “final exams,” and launch the Final Exams tile.

Waitlisting a closed class

Some classes fill up quickly and you may have to join a waitlist; openings in the class are filled from there. To join a waitlist, you can get the help of a registration consultant or you can follow the registrar’s instructions. Waitlists remain active through the end of the day on Thursday of the first week of classes. If you change your mind about a waitlisted class, be sure to remove yourself from the waitlist.

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