Credit Transfers, Exemptions, & Placement Exams

Learn about exemptions & credits

If you’ve taken AP or IB tests in high school, or completed classes at another university, then you may have credits to transfer to IU. This is your guide to exemptions, test credit, and transfer credit.

Once you know the results of your AP, IB, or other tests, or have other transfer credits posted to your IU transcript, please carefully review your class schedule to be sure you don’t repeat a course for which you have already received credit.

Official transcripts may be sent directly from your previous institution to the IU Office of Admissions. The transcript may be delivered electronically or in paper format. If your school requires an email address for electronic delivery, please use If your school provides only paper transcripts, request that an official transcript be sent to the Office of Admissions, Indiana University Bloomington, 940 E Seventh Street, Bloomington, IN 47405-7108.

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Placement exams & credits

The Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE) will help you enroll in the appropriate chemistry class for your skill level. You may take the Eligibility Quiz to determine placement in Chemistry before meeting with an advisor. The CPE is not required to enroll in CHEM-C 100, CHEM-C 101/121, or CHEM-C 103. Eligible students need to complete the departmental permission form to request permission to enroll in C117/C127.

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English composition exemption

You are exempt from the IU Bloomington general education (GenEd) and College of Arts and Sciences education (CASE) English Composition requirement if your SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing score is 710+ or your ACT English score is 32+.

English composition test credit

You may complete the English Composition requirement with an AP English: Composition and Literature score of 4 or 5; an AP English: Language and Composition score of 4 or 5; or an IB English A HL (native speaker) score of 5, 6, or 7.

After successful completion of your foreign language placement course (at the fourth semester level or higher), you may apply to the department for credit at the second year level.

The ALEKS Math Placement Exam is a tool to help you decide which math course to take before you officially register for classes. Below are resources for the ALEKS exam and math courses.

Placement testing

If you have not completed the ALEKS Math Placement Exam, take it as soon as possible. The day after you complete the exam you may contact to learn your results and course placement. The math class you register for is determined by your ALEKS score.

What your score means

Your ALEKS score will guide you to the mathematics course you should take. Your advisor will help you make a final decision on what class to enroll in. Learn how to interpret your ALEKS score on the Department of Mathematics website.

Mathematics 0-level courses

The following math courses do not fulfill degree requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences: Mathematics (MATH)-M 14, 18, 25, 26, and 27. We recommend choosing your class based on your ALEKS math placement results – students who do so are more successful at completing the Math Modeling requirement in a timely manner.