Stephanie Allen portrait.

Stephanie Allen

Assistant Professor, Gender Studies


Stephanie Andrea Allen is an interdisciplinary humanities scholar, creative writer, small press publisher, and Assistant Professor of Gender Studies at Indiana University. Her research centers Black lesbian cultural histories and Black feminisms through various expressions, including literature, film, and other print and visual media. Dr. Allen teaches courses in popular culture, feminist theory, and Black speculative artistry. She is the recipient of a Trustees Teaching Award (2022) and a Faculty Mentor of the Year Award in Gender Studies (2023).

Dr. Allen is also Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at BLF Press, and co-editor of Serendipity Literary Magazine. Her creative work can be found in various online and print publications, including The Black Femme Collective, Mom Egg Review, Star*Line, Inkwell Black, Big Echo: Critical Science Fiction Magazine, Sinister Wisdom, and in her two short story collections, A Failure to Communicate and How to Dispatch a Human: Stories and Suggestions.