Ishan Ashutosh

Associate Professor, Geography


Ishan Ashutosh is an associate professor in the Department of Geography. In his research, teaching, and service, Dr. Ashutosh seeks to foster interaction across difference with the hope of creating a more inclusive and justice-oriented society. Dr. Ashutosh's research examines the relationship between constructions of race and South Asia along two lines of inquiry. The first concerns South Asian diasporas, whose histories and experiences of spatial dispersal and connection reimagine the region through transnational forms of belonging and anti-racist political solidarities. The second examines how geographers constructed South Asia as a region that denoted racial and cultural difference in the social sciences. His publications include articles in Cultural Geography, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Annals in the American Association of Geographers, Progress in Human Geography, Geography Compass, Diaspora, Journal of Historical Geography, Geographical Review, South Asian Diaspora, and Citizenship Studies. Dr. Ashutosh joined the College Office of Diversity and Inclusion as a Faculty Fellow in July 2023.