DEI Workshops

DEI Workshops

DEI workshops engage faculty and staff with dynamic programming on diversity, equity, and inclusion-related issues that may pop up either somewhat or wholly expectedly in or outside the classroom. In pop-ups, curiosity, interactivity, and perspective-taking are key: they’re not about formal instruction, they’re about open and brave dialogue on issues that may be in response to the local or national climate, or in response to curricular or co-curricular challenges.

Panel from Cultivating Your Cultural Intelligence workshop.
Attendees from Cultivating Your Cultural Intelligence workshop.

Past workshops

Cultivating Your Cultural Intelligence (CQ+)

This workshop was an opportunity for faculty and instructional staff to explore culturally intelligent ways for how to orient their own and their students’ behavior, language, communications, values, and ethic perceptions to the identities and realities of others who are different from them.