Jody Ferguson

Student Building 055
Anthropology, Geography, Environmental and Sustainability Studies

When to visit

Appointments may be scheduled via StarNet (see details below).


Anthropology is the interpretive, scientific, and comparative study of humankind. Courses are offered in the four subfields (anthropological linguistics, archaeology, bioanthropology, and social/cultural anthropology) and in general anthropology, museum studies, and the history of the discipline. Anthropology is an excellent foundation for many careers. Employers hire anthropologists because they have excellent communication skills and understand how to manage multicultural situations. The Anthropology B.A. degree is quite flexible and allows students to include related interests through second majors and minors or certificates. Non-majors may choose from three minors (Anthropology, Anthropology of Food, or Archaeology) or the Certificate in Global Human Diversity. Any student interested in Anthropology is invited to meet with me to discuss options. Prospective majors (BA) are required to meet with me to declare their degree choice. Prospective minor or certificate students should meet with me if they have questions about the requirements, but otherwise may request to add the minor or certificate via e-mail. Current Anthropology major, minor, and certificate students are encouraged to touch base (e-mail or appointment) whenever questions arise and at least once per semester. Advising appointments may be scheduled via the web calendar.

Just go to, login with your username and passphrase, select "Schedule An Appointment", enter "ferguson" in the Last Name box, click the Search button, then click the View Calendar button, and sign up for a time. Prospective students should be sure to specify they are interested in Anthropology (I advise for other majors as well!) and which option (BA, specific minor, or certificate) when they enter the “Purpose” for the appointment.