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Whether you are a first-year direct admit or a new transfer student, the College of Arts and Sciences' faculty and staff are here to support you. Our outstanding team of academic advisors will help you explore your interests, connect with campus resources, and develop an academic plan based on your individual goals and interests. The information on this page will help you prepare for your orientation advising and registration appointment, as well as your first year at IU Bloomington and beyond.

Degree Map search (iGPS)

A Degree Map is a sample plan for students completing a selected major in four years. It is just one possibility. You will develop your own individual plan in consultation with your academic advisor. Through iGPS, you can access comprehensive information about degree requirements and upcoming course offerings, and then use that information to devise personalized programs of study.

To use the Degree Map search:

  1. Select "IU Bloomington" for campus.
  2. Select your school (e.g., "College of Arts and Sciences" or "College A&S -- The Media School)
  3. Choose "Student's Start Term" (from Summer 2022 and beyond)

Explore Degree Maps (iGPS)