The Impact of Your Gift

Your gift can impact any or all of the following areas

By directing your contribution toward undergraduate scholarships, you can help sustain our commitment to attracting the best and brightest students from every economic background. You’ll give us the opportunity to educate tomorrow’s leaders and problem solvers, and to provide them with significant career opportunities when they graduate.

Experiential-learning opportunities allow students to apply their education to outside-the-classroom research, private sector work, and other endeavors that give those students genuine, marketable experience in their career fields. Donor funding allows the College to expand and diversify these experiential opportunities, broadening and enriching the student experience in the process.

Your contribution to graduate fellowships, assistantships, and other formalized training programs are key to our graduate students’ success. You can help them navigate multiple roles as researchers, educators, professionals, and students exploring their own academic passions.

You can help us recruit and retain the world’s most accomplished scholars and teachers when you direct your contribution to endowed chairs, professorships, or research funds. Our faculty not only conduct research that has a positive impact on the world, but they also educate our leaders of tomorrow. 

Your unrestricted support helps the College invest in innovation. Our faculty, staff, and students are asking big questions and seeking creative ways to deliver a newly imagined liberal arts experience—one that is distinctively relevant to twenty-first century students.

Giving without restrictions can mean the difference between a missed opportunity and a breakthrough discovery.