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Fresh start

Did you experience academic difficulty before you left IU? If you are still interested in pursuing a degree in the College and have been away for at least 36 months, you should discuss the Fresh Start policy with a College representative today.

The Fresh Start policy encourages capable undergraduate students to return to IU Bloomington by removing the obstacle of past poor grades from their cumulative program GPA. To qualify for Fresh Start, you must have demonstrated your preparedness for academic success following an absence of at least three years. For more details about the process and how it could benefit you, please see the Fresh Start through Academic Renewal webpage. To schedule an appointment with a designated College representative, call 812-855-1647.

8-Year Review process

Step One:
Submit the Resumption of Undergraduate Studies Inquiry form

Complete Resumption of Undergraduate Studies Inquiry form

Step Two:
A representative from the College Recorder’s Office will retrieve and analyze your academic records. They will contact you once they are finished. This takes approximately one week.

Step Three:
An associate director in the College’s Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs will conduct an initial review of your record and then contact you to request that you schedule an appointment to discuss your options. Phone appointments are available. This step may take two or three weeks.

Step Four:
You will meet with the associate director and decide which option is right for you. The associate director will send you the appropriate petition form to fill out.

Step Five:
To complete the petition form, you will meet with your academic advisor to discuss your remaining requirements and establish a timeline for completion. This may take one or two weeks to complete.

Step Six:
You will submit your 8-Year Review petition materials to the College’s Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs for the final reviews and decisions.

Step Seven:
A review will be conducted by an assistant academic dean in the College and IUB General Education to determine your degree requirements and General Education requirements, respectively. This step will take two to four weeks to complete.

Step Eight:
You will receive notification of your requirement term, deadline for completing your requirements and graduating, and registration clearance for the next semester.

Want to earn a sequential second degree in the College?

Pursuing a sequential second bachelor’s degree from the College can be a beneficial experience, both personally and professionally. Please understand that many people with a completed bachelor’s degree may be better served by attending graduate school or pursuing employment. If you currently hold a bachelor’s degree and have determined that earning a second bachelor’s degree is necessary to fulfill your career or personal goals, please contact the College to request application information.

  • To begin in the Fall semester: June 1 (transfer and international students) or July 1 (IU alumni)
  • To begin in the Spring semester: November 1 (all applicants)

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You can find more tools and resources, along with additional information you might need once you return to the College, in our Student Portal.

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