Career Preparation

Your path to discovery

Be curious

Not sure which path leads to your future? The College is designed so that you can  explore your options and find what interests you most. Sign up for our Design Your Life and Career course, take a class off the beaten path, join a student club, or live in a Living-Learning Community. This is your time to let curiosity rule the day to learn what ignites your passion.

Talk to people

It always helps to get some advice from the experts. Talk to our academic advisors, career coaches, and peer mentors to get specialized guidance to navigate your academic journey and work towards your career goals. Or, connect with someone in your area of interest to get first-hand insight into what to expect in your life and career path.

Try stuff

Sometimes it is best to learn by doing. In the College, you have numerous ways to gain hands-on experience through immersive learning opportunities. You can study abroad, volunteer, get an internship, pursue research or creative activities, and more. You'll gain new skills and learn if your intended career path is right for you.

Tell your story

When you're ready to level-up into your career, take time to learn how to best tell your story. Work with us to craft a resume that illustrates the in-demand skills you've developed as a student in the College. Visit our Connect Conference. And, tap into our Walter Center Student Network (WCSN) connect with our network of talented alumni.

Courses to help you figure it out

We offer several courses to support your academic success and help you navigate your journey in the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • ASCS-Q295: Design Your Life and Career
  • ASCS-Q 296: College to Career II: Navigate Your Arts and Sciences Experiences
  • ASCS-Q 299: Build Your Job and Internship Toolkit

College 20 under 40

In the College, disciplines interrelate, ideas blossom, and graduates emerge enriched and changed. Our alumni never stop learning, never stop changing, nor do they ever stop striving to make the world a better place. We are thrilled to present our fourth-annual list of amazing young alumni.

Check out this list