Communicate Clearly

Electric Storyteller

Our students bring fresh ideas to bear on everything from age-old questions of meaning to late-breaking news. In the College of Arts and Sciences, you’ll learn to express your thoughts clearly and effectively.

Description of the video:

[Rhythmic clapping.]

[Energetic rock music plays.]

[Voices shout: "Hey!"]

>> Koji Chavez: "We live in a world where you're surrounded by other people."

>> Michael McGerr: "You learn how to tell a story."

[Printer noise.]

>> Michael McGerr: "That may not seem like much, but stories are what drive the world. Stories are what drive our interest in the world."

[Voices shout: "Hey!"]

>> Koji Chavez: "That's how we communicate; that's how we generate ideas; that's how we get jobs; that's how we get promoted. That's how we do everything in life is through our interactions with other people."

[Voices shout: "Hey!" Music ends.]

[Kitchen timer sounds.]

Alumni Spotlight: Danielle Paquette

Danielle Paquette is the West Africa bureau chief for The Washington Post. She launched the bureau in 2019 and leads coverage of more than a dozen countries. Her work has won numerous journalism awards — including an Overseas Press Club prize this year for best international reporting with concern for the human condition.