Live Ethically

Global Guardian

Living ethically requires us to focus on foundational questions about how we should live—as individuals and in our communities. Whether you are here to study history or change its course, we will empower you to succeed.

Description of the video:

[Distorted music plays.]

>> Rebecca Spang: "The liberal arts are an education in thinking about the world around you. But the world changes. You need to be able to look at questions and problems from multiple perspectives because the really thorny problems are actually the ones that don't have a single right answer."

>> Kirk Ludwig: "Philosophical questions are ones which everybody runs into at one time or another in the course of their life."

[Distortion clears and a soft piano melody emerges.]

[Intermittent wooshing and birds chirping.]

>> Kirk Ludwig: "They're sort of unavoidable. You don't always recognize their character, but everybody has to think about how to live, about what the right thing to do is in circumstances where it's unclear and difficult."

[Loud snap.]

>> Kirk Ludwig: "They come across circumstances in which it looks like they should question the authority, and that forces them to think about the nature of right and wrong in general, what things are necessary and what things are merely contingent... All these are philosophical questions."

[Music and sounds fade out.]

[Kitchen timer sounds.]

Alumni spotlight: Dan Smedema and Luke Jacobs

Dan Smedema and Luke Jacobs are the co-founders of Encamp, an environmental compliance software company based in Indianapolis. Encamp was founded in 2017 and supports clients who need to gather and document environmental compliance information. With Jacobs serving as CEO and Smedema architecting its software, the company has grown to assist more than 2,500 facilities and 170 clients, including several Fortune 500 companies.