Question Critically

Intellectual Rebel

The College of Arts and Sciences is a place where you can ask big questions and imagine a better future. A place for pushing boundaries. For taking risks. Here, your curiosity knows no bounds.

Description of the video:

[Classic rock music plays.]

>> AJ Boyd: "In liberal arts you are given the space to think about certain questions."

>> Jakobi Williams: "To have discussions about real world critical issues."

>> Ben Ibrulj: "I think especially in this climate we need more critical thinkers, and liberal arts prepares you for that."

>> Heydi Correa Encarnacion: "The College just offers like a plethora of options."

>> Karen Smith: "I love the fact that it’s, it’s messy."

>> Koji Chavez: "It’s sort of like a risk taking sort of thing I guess, where they’re willing to be vulnerable, are willing to grapple with really hard ideas."

[Music intensifies.]

>> Krystie Herndon: "Studying the humanities, the arts, the social sciences and the sciences, that will allow you not to be duped by the world, but be able to improve the world. Not just be a victim of change, but to be a creator of change."

[Music fades out.]

[Kitchen timer sounds.]

Alumni spotlight: Sougwen 愫君 Chung

Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-Canadian artist and (re)searcher based in New York. Chung’s work explores the mark-made-by-hand and the mark-made-by-machine as an approach to understanding the dynamics of humans and systems. Chung is a former research fellow at MIT’s Media Lab and a pioneer in the field of human-machine collaboration. In 2019, she was selected as the Woman of the Year in Monaco for achievement in the arts and sciences.