Think Logically

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Thinking logically takes you from the smallest steps to big transformations. In the College of Arts and Sciences, you will expand your skills, assess your options, and problem solve.

Description of the video:

  • [Ambient instrumental and talking noise.]

    [Tapping on glass.]

    [Classical string music plays.]

    >> Rob Schneider: "The ancients, and then during the Renaissance, had this technique called the Memory Palace. With many rooms, every palace would have drawers and closets."


    >> Rob Schneider: "And so when you learn something, you would put the facts in those closets, in those drawers. And then when you wanted to recall them,"

    [Wooshing sound.]

    >> Rob Schneider: "you would enter the door of the palace and go to various rooms. Okay."

    [Music speeds up.]

    >> Rob Schneider: "That just reminds us that the mind is a space."

    [Ambient music returns to previous speed.]

    >> Rob Schneider: "In order to furnish it, you have to have something to put in it. And a liberal arts education gives you furniture."

    [Music fades out.]

    [Kitchen timer sounds.]

Alumni spotlight: Isak Nti Asare

Isak Nti Asare is the associate director of the Indiana University Cybersecurity and Global Policy Program. He is also a senior associate at Oxford Insights, a fellow at the IU Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, and co-founder of FairFrame — a startup using natural language processing to identify implicit bias in text. Nti Asare has advised national and local governments on the strategic, cultural, and leadership opportunities from digital transformation and artificial intelligence.